New version 1.1 FREE until June 16th 2013

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the new version of LetterLasso, available now in the App Store.
FREE until Jane 30th 2013


We’re happy to announce the arrival of Pixlebilly Studios’ first iOS game, LetterLasso, in the App Store.

LetterLasso is a simple, fun letter game that puts a unique twist on word scramble games. Letters of a word (based on a theme, ala theme packs) appear floating independently on the screen. A player has to figure out the word, then touch and “pick up” the first letter of the word by touching and holding their finger over it…then they move their now attached letter to the next letter in the sequence, and so on, until the word is complete.

There is more to the challenge: A timer is included that breaks apart your word if you don’t beat it. You get “bzzt’d” if you choose the wrong letter in the sequence. Oh, and there are asterisks for more challenging play – they drop and break apart your word if you touch them.

On the plus side: you get points (Letter Credits) for every word you spell. You also get bonus points for error-free rounds and points for speed.

About Letter Credits: We wanted players to play LetterLasso without the sinking suspicion of having to sink more money into it just to keep playing. Basically, if you want to play more words, you play until you have enough Letter Credits to get a new pack. Your hi-score is your Letter Credit piggy bank. If you want more Credits faster, you can also purchase them. It’s up to you.

LetterLasso aims to make spelling challenging and fun. It’s a game you can pick up and play anytime, jump into and jump out of, whenever you want. We think kids and parents will especially love it.

For more information, please email us at and please download it here

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