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Product description: Letter Lasso is an awesome new spelling game for iPhone and iPad. Find a word out of a jumble of moving letters, attach the letters together with you finger, and spell the word!


Letter Lasso


Fun! ★★★★★
Such a simple concept that I've never seen before. Completely addicting and deceptively difficult!


  • How do I play?

It’s simple. Letters of a particular word float around the game screen. You just use your finger to attach the letters together in the correct order to spell the word.

  • How much does it cost?

It’s $.99 in the App Store and comes with four Word Packs. You can get more Word Packs by playing and earning Letter Credits.

  • So, what are Letter Credits?

Glad you asked! Letter Credits are the points you earn for lassoing and spelling the word. You earn Credits each play, plus you can earn bonus Credits for time and error-free plays. You then can use your accumulated Letter Credits to get more Word Packs.

  • What device can I play LetterLasso on?

iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 and all iPad models

  • Who made LetterLasso?

LetterLasso was made by PixelBilly Studios: a collaboration of some awesome developers, designers,
and fun-makers all around the state of Virginia.

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